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Client Education & Information

Animal husbandry is critical if overall wellfair of our patients. To help you best achieve the most ideal care for you pet, we have listed a few educational resources:

Lafeber Vet 
For our exotic patients, we love to hand out informational packets with client education in mind. Lafeber Vet have information for a wide range of common household exotic patients that includes feeding guides, tank environment protocols, heat and humidity ranges, etc. 

Here's the link for their client education handouts.

We also see small animals here (dogs and cats). We recommend zoetis for some handy guidelines and resources for your pet also! They have some pretty neat quizzes to take that can help you determine if your pet might have any concerns that need addressing. For their website, here's the link.

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Servies (APHIS)
For travel in the U.S. and travel to and from other countries it's important to know the requirements. Whether that's just a simple health certificate, or needing to fill out a laundry list of paperwork, APHIS is the best bet. You can access their website here.

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