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Laser Surgery:

Our hospital uses an Aesculight (CO2) laser, made specifically for veterinary use. If you're curious about the types of procedures that are possible with our laser, you can give us a call, or you can go to their website at:

And please give us a call if you've got something you'd like us to do. We're always looking for fun and innovative procedures, so if you see something different you'd like to try from their site, call us!

For anyone who wants to know our practice has laser model 2515 (we didn't need the one for elephant skin because we're a small animal hospital and we aren't expecting to run into any elephants who need to be spayed. Although there was that tiger, once....).

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Laser surgery Benefits
* More sterile
* Less bleeding
* Cleaner surgery site
* Less inflammation
* Less edema
* Less pain
* Least invasive

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