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Medicine is the backbone of veterinary science. It includes all necessary exams, diagnostics, and treatments to be coordinated and performed in a logical sequence. Clearly, each case is distinct and different and the approach is going to be directed by each individuals circumstances.

Here is a flowchart to demonstrate a basic medical conclusion:

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We would like to point out that every case is SPECIAL and while this chart will give you a good idea of our typical methods, it is not exact, nor do we posit it to be.

We do of course offer exams for specific purposes as well: Vaccine appointments, consultations, ear exams, eye exams, new client exams, exams for interstate/international health certificates, house calls, euthanasia, beak trims, teeth filing, avian/exotic toe nail trims, puppy dewclaw and tail docking, etc. We also offer vaccine clinics the first week of every month.

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