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We offer a variety of surgical procedures. Standard or common procedures include neuters/castration, spays/ovariohysterectomy, feline/ferret declaws, canine dewclaw removals, hernia repairs, and small dermal mass removals. Some of the more complex procedures include soft tissue and orthopedic categories such as ACL's (fascial graft/D'Angelis soft tissue repair only), patellar luxation, fracture repair, amputations, abdominal exploratory for foreign body removals, tumor removals, or assessments, cystotomy, various eye surgeries, etc.

ALL of our surgeries are performed with a laser. For more information, please see the "Laser Surgery" tab on the right.

Common surgeries here:

Our practice uses a cutting-edge laser to perform ALL of the surgical procedures conducted here. Converting to this new advanced form of surgery is both exciting and adaptable. There are many benefits to using our new laser: decreased bleeding, increased incisional sterility, a drastic decrease in pain post- op, and less inflammation and swelling of the incision and surrounding tissues. For more information, go ahead and click the "Laser Surgery" tab.

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